Here are some amazing Vintage Photos of USA... Like travel through time...

God's Chosen Country and, ergo, the Greatest Nation in the Universe. It was founded by the Founding Fathers and Jesus and Odin and any of the Hawaiian Gods/Goddesses (like anyone even stops to think about caring) before all of them were ultimately conquered by God in year 0.

It is viewed as the the Israel for Christians, as was believed by the first Governor of Taxachusetts John Winthrop. It is widely acknowledged to be the greatest nation in the history of the universe. It is located on the continent of North America.


  1. omfg said...

    wtf? gods chosen country? first off prove god exists. secound prove he chose this.
    third how is this the greatest country of the UNIVERSE being there are no other known nations outside the planet.
    and god conquered all other gods at year 0?
    masturbating jesus christ.

    p.s. nice pics  

  2. Anonymous said...

    You my friend have to calm down

    p.s. You're goin to hell Commie....  

  3. Anonymous said...

    God certainly exists. Why else would people get so freakin agitated at the idea? No one gets upset at something that isn't real.  

  4. Anonymous said...

    prove god exists? cant do it

    prove love exists? measure love in some way? give me physical evidence that love exists? cant do that either can you?

    does that mean that love does not exist either?

    show me where your soul or personality is?

    do you see where i am going with this?  

  5. Anonymous said...

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    God certainly exists. Why else would people get so freakin agitated at the idea? No one gets upset at something that isn't real.

    Believe me my friend... Retarded people are real...  

  6. Anonymous said...

    "first off prove god exists"

    Prove god doesn't exist.  

  7. Anonymous said...

    heres how...everything thats happening is gods plan cruel deaths,starvation,rape,child labor,aids,cancer,and many more plus thousands of other religion.if there is a god and if i were god it will never be this way.omniscient god..god knew if we were to have freewill we will kill each other in all unthinkable ways,so what if we dont have freewill and be like plants,plants live, grow and die they dont tie their child on a chair for thirteen years.god didnt have to create lucifer,some say its one of gods test,why would god test you when god already know the answer,some say its one of satans temptation well who cretaed satan,satan tested god then god fucked up Jobs life when he has nothing to prove to satan.why cant god just snap a finger and reverse all the evil.  

  8. Anonymous said...

    i can feel love i feel the wind i can touch my loved ones but can you tell me how to feel,hear,taste,touch,see god with all thats happening in the world?is peace possible?never,so what the hell is god for?when he does nothing but torture.  

  9. Anonymous said...

    Nothing exists, reality is comprised up of what society believes to exist. With that being said I am sure there is a "God" being floating around somewhere that we have created with our minds, and now this being is floating around questioning it's existence and pondering who created it.


    Also, back on topic, what the fuck do pictures of people have to do with the U.S. of A.? I understand they are Americans, but just because it's a vintage photo of an American person, does not allow it to be part of a "Vintage Photos of the USA" gallery.  

  10. Anonymous said...

    All of you, especially omfg need to get a hobby. You apparently have way too much time on your hands.  

  11. Anonymous said...

    "prove god exists? cant do it

    prove love exists? measure love in some way? give me physical evidence that love exists? cant do that either can you?

    does that mean that love does not exist either?

    show me where your soul or personality is?

    do you see where i am going with this?"

    Yeah, I see. All of those things are mans ideas. Thats what you meant, without even knowing, dumbass.  

  12. mgster said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  13. Anonymous said...

    A few good questions were raised here. However, there are incredibly sensible and logical answers to this question from a theistic/Christian perspective (which unfortunately never get heard - all the news wants to show is the obviously corrupt pastors milking their ministry for money). The sad thing is that nobody ever talks about these kinds of things. We Americans are way to shallow and superficial to ever deal or want to deal with these cores issues of existence.

    If anyone is looking for some incredibly strong and insightful answers to these questions from a theistic worldview, then I encourage you to read a book by Ravi Zacharias entitled "Can Man Live Without God". It addresses the issue of can their be a good God when there is evil in this world and man offshoots of that question. It is intellectual and fair and does not mock or ridicule the atheistic perspective.


  14. Anonymous said...

    Well, god CAN snap his fingers and get rid of all evil. However, he's an asshole, and it passes the time, which for him has been INFINITY. We're a show, an experiment. Someone given his ability to make decisions, minus the knowledge and power. Lucifer fucked that one up for us.  

  15. Anonymous said...

    ahhh, but god can't snap his fingers and be rid the world of evil, for without evil we would have no good. It is impossible to have the high without the low. we as humans are flawed and the only thing that we can prove is that one exists within oneself. everything else is a variable. though god most probably does not exist, people must find some kind of a comforting reason for their existence at the end of their lives. if, in their minds, a god does this, then all the power to them.

    but this is no excuse for attributing some stupid pictures to a supernatural being  

  16. Anonymous said...

    i like bunnys  

  17. omfg said...

    hey well ok so its the guy from the first post.

    i see a lot of baseless thiests desided to make a worthless point, witohut backing it up in any ways.
    prove god doesent exist? go to and look on the debunking christianity section.
    it shows to you how christianity is a steal from older religions, and how even satanism is not a "reaction" to christianity, much to the contrary, christianity is a reaction to satanism, being that satanism date back to the beggining of time (the old pagan gods, demons in other words)

    i dont really care wether people choose to throw their lives away following rules that some self denominated "man of god" says are the "rules", but i simply posted that reply out of the sheer baseless statements, in such a "matter of fact" manner, for which the maker of this rather crappy galery, stated.
    i mean look at it. he points out his own little self made reality, as if that is a fact.
    and for anyone who needs proof god doesent exist?
    evolution has been proven.
    look for it. just because you are too *uhum* dumb, to understand the principle of evolution, does not mean it is not real. evolution happens over time, long periods of time.
    and for anyone that doesent believe it, you were born with proof if it in your own body.
    humans have a small bone, which is obviously a "tail" bone, in their lower back. explain why we would have a stub of a tail if we were always like this?
    not to mention god never mentions dinosaurs in the bible does he? he says the world was without shape and dark, which is untrue because the world COULDNT be dark, with the sun right next to it. duh! as if the earth produced its own light. ridiculous. and on top of that at the time the bible was written they didnt even have scientific knowledge of much of anything, let alone the size of the planet, much less dinosaurs. thus proving that either god doesent know everything(as he would know of dinosaurs) or that it was written by a man,not a god, a man. either way, debunking your invisible all powerful god that does nothing, and that when things happen by chance, someone runs up and claims it was god!  

  18. Anonymous said...

    You know if you dont like what the poster said you dont have to read it you could have closed the window and went on your own little way living your own little great perfect life and not ever had to comment on what the poster said its his blog he's allowed to post and say what he wants don't like it don't read it don't come back who cares about you? What gives you the right to thing you have the authority to debunk anyone's beliefs?  

  19. Anonymous said...

    First of all God didn't write the bible, and the creation theory can be attributed to Man. That being said , i'll grant you evolution, but your little tailbone idea proves nothing other than our spine doesn't get snapped at the first direct impact. People who say there is no God are fools. The ones who says god wouldn't allow torture and pain and suffering...should ask why did he let is own son get beaten within a inch of his life and then hung from a cross. The other aethiests are "the smart ones" that have it all figured out and with their nice liberal university education can clearly see the flaws and holes in religion, and therefore are compelled to enlighten us all with such insight. ...YOU are Fools. All flaws and holes in any religion are man made. Anything that discredits the exsistance of God is from man. I believe in god ( not your white bearded man in the sky) and if you're so smart people realize you are not the smartest being in exsistance. Big bang theory..sure...where did the atomic particles come from..from a different universe..ok who started that one.go all the way back and think about who created space...a human brain cannot process these thoughts almost like we don't have access to these ideas of Something had to start something eons prior to our own universe. Our knowledge was taken from us...and we can only see so far into the night sky...No one on this earth has it figured out.  

  20. Anonymous said...

    i posted the seventh and eight comments...

    "should ask why did he let is own son get beaten within a inch of his life and then hung from a cross"

    this question is exactly my point.we have sins because of our godgiven freewill which seriously without it, we would never have sinned that is if there is a god.then god didnt have to say i gave you my only son because i love the world(mat316).love the world?you love whats happening with the world?christ was crucified beacuse gos allowed us to sin. let me tell you something about christ,christ is not the son of god christ is gods first ever "creation"not son next were the angels,its in the bible.the more you read the bible the more you will know that there really isnt a god.i dont believe in the bigbang theory for only one reason,that is, they say the universe began from something called a "singularity,"which also can be found on a cant prove everything began from something, therefore everything should begin from nothing not even a singularity.the bigbang is just a hopeless propaganda.this goes with the creation "theory",you wont believe the universe came from a big explosion but youll certainly believe it came from something that said "let there be light"and poof there was light,just doesnt make any sense,but i believe in one thing, it is called good things to your fellow human being love them and youll see that there is no purpose for god and or the bigbang for that matter.peace  

  21. Anonymous said...

    oops sorry twas john 316 my bad  

  22. Thoughtninja said...

    The Romans decided to switch from multiple deities to one simple compact form and enforced this idea quite violently. This is why Christianity is so prevalent in modern society.

    The early Christian followers simply took the Jewish story, expanded upon it, and repackaged it under a new guise. Then more recently the Mormons added a new and even more ridiculous third part and some people follow that idea now as well.

    (This is not counting all other countless offshoots of Christians.)

    The funny thing is before the one god idea came into the picture multiple deities were universally accepted. This is considered ridiculous by the majority of today's standard of thinking.

    So why is it so unsettling to think critically about this. The only reason that the whole god idea is still around is because people are constantly converting people to Theistic religions and vehemently instilling their views in others through fame, money and power.

    I'd say the headline of this article is some sort of a tongue-in-cheek satire. If not the poster is delusional and this is apparent in the first sentence.

    The pictures were somewhat interesting but this debate is definitely more mentally arousing.  


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